Tuesday, February 22, 2011

musical rugs

pixel would like to model our new rug for you. remember this bargain? well, it arrived yesterday. this is today, with the rug in place by the french doors in the dining room.
this was yesterday, freshly unrolled in the hallway. with goofballs.
i love it. even steve likes it. i love split leaf philodendron. they're one of my favorite plants. (those are split leaf philodendrons on the rug, aren't they? well, even if not, it's good enough for me, because they remind me of them.)
it's the perfect rug to pick up the greens from outdoors. and remember, $50 for 4x6' from anthropologie! it's sold out now.and remember how i asked for your opinion on a foyer rug? well, here's what i got. (that front door is screaming to be painted black.)
i really like this one. it's taking me a little while to get used to the "persian-ness" of it, but i like it. i think it'll be great for not showing dirt.
and this is what you see coming back up the stairs from photographing the foyer.
more rugs. we also had this jute upstairs in the "junk room" waiting, just waiting to put it down. i love it here in the family room because pixel now has a soft spot for chewing her bone, besides her dog bed she got for christmas. this one came from pottery barn years ago.
and finally, we moved our bedroom rug to the area between the family room and kitchen island. another soft spot for you-know-who.
so there you have it. the rugs of the first floor.

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jacjewelry said...

Love the new additions - what great finds!

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