Friday, February 25, 2011

new stuff

there's some new calling cards in the shop. i got a lot of requests for double sided cards in the past, so now i'm making both single sided and double sided. just for you.

ferns. inspired by spring. no it's not spring yet where i live. i'm staring at snow. spring will come july 4th, with summer, here in seattle.
poppies! my favorites.
loads of ikat. bright colors.
more ikat.
and remember, any square card can be made in standard business card size.

ready for the weekend? i am. it's been a stressful week. glad it's over. first book club meeting tonight. we'll be discussing this. i'll tell ya all about it next week. and introduce my next book.


jwilt said...

your cards are absolutely gorgeous!

And Morgan really enjoyed the book you're reading. maybe you should get the skinny from her!

Millie said...

The new cards are fabulous Pam! I got 2/3rd through Water For Elephants & gave up. Not sure why, but it's been sadly languishing in my bedside table unfinished. It just seemed to lose steam & I then so did my interest.
Millie x

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