Thursday, February 17, 2011

perhaps she wouldn't have cried all night long...

had she been trapped in this beautiful laundry room instead of my 6x6' claustrophic laundry room. she could have lounged in the sink, played with the scarf, slept in the pet bed. in my laundry room she only had dust bunnies to play with.

here's the prisoner in comfier sleeping conditions.
how it all went down...

10:30 pm i went into the laundry room just outside of our bedroom door (only one step in, remember it's just 6' deep and 3' of that is washer and dryer) and pulled my pajamas out of the dryer. they'd been sitting dry in the dryer for 2 days. i'm really really good at starting laundry, really terrible at finishing it.
10:45 pm
steve brings pixel up to the bed. this is her 4th or 5th time sleeping with us in the bed vs her crate. i hear a cat crying. i ask steve to peek his head into the hallway to see if he sees the cats, cali and beauty. he said he did.
11:00pm more cat crying. i figure cali's upset because pixel's in the bed and she knows if she comes in the bedroom she's at risk of being chased. i figure she's upset because she can't curl up and share my pillow like she usually does. she can be a whiney cat. and a pillow hog.

1:o7 am more cat crying.
2:13 am more cat crying.
3:45 am more cat crying.
5:16 am more cat crying. i think "maybe i should check on her. no, don't get out of your warm comfy bed. steve told you she was ok. plus, you'll wake pixel."
6:42 am more cat crying.
7:13 am more cat crying.
7:17 am steve and pixel get up and go downstairs. more cat crying. i finally get up to investigate. sounds coming from laundry room. i open the door. what! there's cali. poor little thing. she snuck in there when i got my pjs out of the dryer. "steeeeve!"

me: you told me you said cali and beauty were in the hallway last night! cali's been in the laundry room all night!
him: no, i said i only saw beauty.
me: no you said you saw both of them.
him: no, i said i only saw beauty.
me: no, honey, she said you both of them were in the hallway.
him: no, i said i only saw beauty.
me: hmmmmpppph. (meanwhile i flash to kyle and camille's you said/no i didn't say that that went on the entire rhobh season)

poor cali.

update: it's worse than i thought. steve doesn't think the laundry room is as big as 6x6'.

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Millie said...

Ha - loved this Pam!
Millie x

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