Sunday, February 27, 2011

the weekend

in no particular order, my weekend....

i made cauliflower soup sunday afternoon. it was perfect. my mother-in-law made this recipe first, told me it was good, so i tried it. she lied. it was great! loved it. steve loved it. you'll love it too.
image via here

we had it with these burgers. can you say yum? i did, several times, during dinner.
image via here
sunday night, the oscars. star of the show, for me... miss sandra bullock.
image via here

first of all, beautiful. secondly, witty, funny and amusing while giving best actor award.

friday night, my first book club meeting. we talked about this.
it was a mixed crowd in reviewing the book. some liked it. some didn't. i liked it. i thought it was good, not great, but good. it's the story of a 90-something man in a nursing who recalls his days as veterinarian for a travelling circus in the 1930s. there's some animal abuse, some people abuse. that's why some people didn't like it. i thought all that was secondary to the story and didn't focus on those elements, but i can see where it would be bothersome to some. but, hostess dayna put out a spread of some awesome food and we had a lot of laughs. a lot.

saturday afternoon, i walked across the street to my neighbor's house for a clothes party. we viewed CAbi clothes. i'll be sporting the tee shirt on the right in 7-10 days when it arrives in the mail.
i have never laughed so hard. i was there for 4.5 hours it was so much fun. funniest part of the whole evening... after a trying-on-clothes-session, a couple of women were telling another woman not to purchase that jacket she had on because "it didn't fit right, it looked like something from the 80s,....". the woman with the jacket replies "um, this is my coat. i wore it here this evening.". open mouth, insert foot. thank goodness they were all very close friends and even coworkers and it resulted in a lot of laughter.

hope your weekend was just as great.


jacjewelry said...

Oh that is too funny about the jacket! That soup looks good. Our weekend was good... not as productive as yours, but good. We did some serious shopping at I am seriously obsessed with that place!

kathy said...

I think I am making soup for dinner! I agree with good, not great for the book. Your jacket story is so funny. Great to be able to laugh at our selves! Enjoy your day!

pam@pixelimpress said...

kathy, let me know if you make it. i just had it for breakfast! pam

Val said...

Wow, your food looks amazing!!!

kathy said...

The soup was delicious! Even our teenage boys enjoyed it. Good for lunch the next day, too. I had smoky deli ham and havarti cheese sandwiches to accompany it for dinner. And... I just dropped off my little brown pen photo's to be framed!

pam@pixelimpress said...

super kathy! oh, those sandwiches sound good. i still have to frame ALL my lbp photos. i'm slow....

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