Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hard or Soft Shell?

No, not taco preference. Luggage. The last few times I've travelled, I've contemplated returning to a hardshell suitcase. Usually it's prompted by the ticket agent roughly throwing my suitcase packed with my breakable souvenirs onto the conveyor belt. I figure if that's the roughness I see, way more goes on behind the scenes that I don't see.

Oprah had these in her July 2009 issue. I agree, they do match the ocean and sky at the vacation spot of my dreams.

But you know me... I'd have to go for the orange.

Imagine me at the baggage claim. One quick glance, and bam, spotted my suitcase. No more trying to distinguish my red from the other 1,487. Of course if I was a little more on the wild side (unfortunately for my husband i'm not, paragliding off the nearby mountain thrills him, makes me cringe), I might go for these.

There's 4 Japanese made 360 degree swivel wheels that allow for effortless rolling without tipping the bag.

And it zips, allowing for 25 percent more packing space when needed. And you know you'll need it. At least I will.

Best of all, they're made of 100% recycled plastic. (Made by Heys.)


jacjewelry said...

Oh I like these! Yes, go for the orange! I will have to show the 360 degree swivel wheels to my husband - he's very particular about his luggage wheels!

Millie said...

I absolutely triple dare you to go for the Zebra print ones Pam! Thanks so much for your lovely get well wishes - you are a sweetie.
Millie ^_^

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