Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Can't Beat 'em...

This is my view everyday when I'm working. They (you know... them) say you pick up the energy of those around you. No wonder I'm so tired. (And let me preface this day in the life of Pixel with this. Before we even brought home this furry creature, Steve and I agreed on house rules for Pixel. No table scraps. No dogs on furniture. No counter-surfing. No standing at the window. We were in sync. We were adamant. We are weak*.)

9:36 am10:59 am
11:45 am. Is that Daddy I hear coming home for lunch?
1:26 pm
2:42 pm3:53 pm
4:36 pm. Oops, I've been spotted.
Scooch over, Pixel. I've got a few minutes before starting dinner.

*We're still adamant on no table scraps. That one's easy. Can't break Pixel of counter-surfing. Any ideas, dog owners? No dogs on furniture lasted until this winter when we were snowbound for a few days and had movie day and decided to let Pixel join us on the sofa, by invitation only, and on a lap only. That lasted a few months. Until one day Pixel helped herself to the sofa. We decided it was ok since she's not harming the leather sofa. It had nothing to do with how cute she is. Swear.

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