Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy birthday pixel!

pixel overload coming up. but it's ok. it's her birthday. she's 2 today. i thought i'd share some photos that our friends jared and sarah* took for us. this was our christmas card photo shoot. we ended up choosing this photo, which i absolutely love.

here's pixel in the car on the way to our photo shoot location. even the back of her head is supercute.
we started out with the mountain behind us and steve holding pixel.
but i really wanted pixel to be the star of the shoot. so we became a backdrop.and our little model turned out the poses.which worked until she tumbled down the slope.
then we let pixel have some solo time in the tall grass. we moved onto more photos with pixel as the star, steve and i just backdrop.
then we changed locations. aw, our little girl looks up to us sooo much. or is it because steve's about to retrieve a treat from his pocket.
here we are. her idols.
i had to have a little alone time with pixel. can't you tell she's thrilled.
see, thrilled.
then we lined ourselves up for the final shot. hold on, jared, let me get my wrinkly hands out of there.

a little photo editing to give that old timey feel and here it is. good job, pixel.
*sarah and jared are photographers who recently relocated to seattle. if you're in the area and in need of wonderful photographers for weddings, engagement sessions or family portraits, let me know, i'll pass along their info.


jacjewelry said...

These are beautiful! Happy Birthday, Pixel! ~Ruby

M Denise C said...

I like the first one even though you cannot see her beautiful face. Happy 2nd Birthday, Pixel!!

Millie said...

Happy Birthday Pixel! Lovely images Pam, just so natural & relaxed.
Millie ^_^

pve design said...

Wonderful images! Pixel looks like a star!
(and her masters too)

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