Thursday, January 28, 2010

tennis anyone?

pixel here, everyone. this is the glazed over look you get when you've been watching too much tennis. like 5 or 6 hours every night. mommy and daddy are sooo into it. they finally agree on something to watch on tv. mommy used to play a lot of tennis growing up. she claims she was really good. i'll need to see video to believe that. some of her fondest childhood memories were apparently riding her bike to the local courts with her sister and neighbor every summer night and playing til the lights went off. hmmm. hard to believe her doing THAT much physical activity.

here i'm trying really hard to stay awake and watch this 5th set, but it's after midnight here. past my bedtime. not that i need my beauty sleep. i'm cute enough as is.
what? federer beat davydenko.
ok, great, let me go back to sleep.
we've seen a lot of fist pumping too. like, a lot. seriously. a lot.
so much fist pumping that i won't be surprised when mommy fist pumps after mopping the floor.

(tennis images via here)


jacjewelry said...
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jacjewelry said...

Pixel, I don't get humans' fascination with sports, either. Papa watches football non-stop, and wakes up Momma and me when we nap by screaming something like, "FUMBLE?! Oh my God" Seriously. Enough is enough. Let the girl nap! ~Ruby

M Denise C said...

Nothing cuter than a sleepy puppy . . .

I have been watching the Australian Open, too, every night. I am going to be in withdrawal when it is over this weekend.

Averill said...

Olivia has been kept up with too much tennis herself! Her parents are big fans and have been keeping her up waaaay past her doggie bedtime. They were particularly sad to see Roddick and Clijsters lose in particular, but are cheering for Serena and Murray in the finals.

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