Monday, January 25, 2010

sunday dinner

sunday afternoon. guest coming for dinner. what should we make? we have filet mignon (for me) and lamb (for steve and guest). sides? i remembered seeing this post recently. and drooling. i showed it to steve. he drooled.

steve made the potatoes. the crash hot potatoes. very simple. very very very yummy. and they're healthy! bonus. steve hasn't stopped talking about them.
i even had the leftover ones for breakfast this morning. don't tell steve, but they're all gone. this'll be the scene at 530 today. steve comes home from work, opens fridge. looks, looks. searches, searches. "honey, where are the leftover potatoes?" he'll say. and i'll do what any good wife would do to preserve the peace in our marriage. lie. tell him the dog ate them.

i made the sauce to go with our grilled meat. onion-blue cheese sauce. this is to die for. seriously. not quite as healthy as the potatoes. far from it. but oh-so-tasty. the perfect accompaniment to the meat.
thank you pioneer woman.

(all images via the pioneer woman).


Julie said...

hey, does that mean you are going to starve my husband for dinner tonite?

Millie said...

Looks fantastic Pam! Those potatoes are the boys faves, but we call them Smashed Potatoes. I bake ours with good olive oil, rock salt & rosemary sprigs - yum.
Millie ^_^

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