Friday, January 15, 2010

rain, rain, go away

can ya see the dancing raindrops on my outdoor table?
we've had nothing but rain, and wind, for the last few weeks. or so it seems. i'm sure there were a few days with sun, but i honestly can't remember them. all i remember is the rain and the grey skies. i'm depressed. time to gulp my liquid vitamin d drops.

the weekend doesn't look much more promising. maybe a hint of sun tomorrow. but i'm not gonna hold my breath.
instead i'll just plan on indoor activites. like household organization. i've been meaning to play along with lauren over at pure style home. every week (or almost every week) she's posting a household organization project. and inviting her readers to follow along and send in their photos of the completed project. fun!

week 1 was this.
image from pure style home
pour small samples of paint in jars, label, and place with brush in room where that color is. then it's sooo simple to reach for that jar when you need to do a quick paint touch up. brilliant! and i've been going to the garage, searching thru 47 paint cans, digging for a paint brush each time i needed to retouch the paint. silly me! this i will do this weekend. promise.

week 2 was this. organize your coat closet. i'm feeling pretty good about my coat closet. so i'm gonna pass on this one. (although i may take her up on her suggestion of matching wooden hangers.) but check out what lauren did. this is her coat closet before.

and ta-da, after. what a makeover! from aqua paint to the door hanging caddy to shoe shelves. awesome.
images from pure style home
head over here to follow along with lauren and her readers.

and hopefully i'll squeeze in some sofa time with a book or a movie.

what are your plans for the weekend?

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