Thursday, January 21, 2010

small world

images via treehouse point

sometimes you have to read a blog post written by a newlywed (and soon-to-be-mom) from new york , recapping a blog post written by an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author who resides in sydney, paris and amsterdam to discover something in your own backyard.

this is treehouse point, which is, according to their site, "an intimate alternative for individuals and groups who seek comfort and style in friendly and natural surroundings. all accommodations are well designed and artfully decorated, with touches like handmade beds, original art and charming vintage furnishings. we offer a main lodge with two suites and two overflow rooms, two treehouses, and a deluxe cabin tent."
image via treehouse point

treehouse point is within 5 miles of our house. who knew. jasmine from show+tell recently honeymooned there. these are some of her images.
images from jasfritz

beautiful, huh? peaceful, serene too.

i want this in my own backyard.
image via treehouse point
next time we can't accomodate all our houseguests, we'll send them here. or better yet, give them our bedroom and we'll go stay at treehouse point.

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pve design said...

Oh what a charming spot for a honeymoon or a get-away.
See my post today!

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