Sunday, January 10, 2010

new stuff at pixelimpress

how was your weekend? mine was ok. relaxing. and slightly productive. one thing i managed to do this weekend was load some new goods into the shop. valentine's! there are some cuties.

how about tic tac toe on bubble gum pink herringbone. using my new favorite font. sketch block. i think it's what erika used on her christmas cards. and i loved it! very unusual for me to like this font.
or how about simple, classic, right to the point. steve will say this a lot. forever. or how about ticking stripe. i made my own. in rose. and again, my favorite new font in chocolate.
and there's tags too.

like i said... slightly productive. i got sidetracked by this on cable. even though i've seen it 723 times, i watched it again.
i had hoped to box the christmas decorations and make a comfort food dinner for steve tonight when he returns from a full day of hunting. didn't happen. so it's grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. easy peasy.

don't forget, head over here for valentine's and if you mention this blog post while checking out, i'll refund 20% of the cost of your entire order!


jacjewelry said...

Love your new creations, Pam! Need a card for Husband... Hmm... Will check them out. :)

Courtney said...

Pam, I love your new items-- the sketch block font looks perfect for the tic tac toe card, and I just adore the chevron hang tag as well as the "Forever" card!

And I think grilled cheese and tomato soup is an absolutely perfect comfort food meal, so I wouldn't say that you didn't get a "comfort food dinner" accomplished! Sounds so delicious-- it's been too long since I've had that, and I think it might need to be a meal we have some night this week!

Julie said...

your new items are beautiful, and dinner was perfect!

nameisgrace said...

Hi Pam! I just LOVE the chevron tags I ordered. So glad to see you have a blog that I can now follow. Glad we were able to "meet" in blogland. Have a wonderful day!



nancy said...

Hi Pam- Thanks for keeping me connected to the Pacific NW- moved away years ago and miss it.
(however there IS that january rain thing) Love, love your etsy shop & photos. Very inspiring to me and, I confess, I've checked out all your deisgn more than once. Will buy this week i do believe!

pam@pixelimpress said...

hi nancy. thanks for stopping by pixelimpress! and thank you for the kind words. pam

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