Friday, February 26, 2010

decisions, decisions

we've made a couple more decisions regarding the kitchen facelift. we've decided that this porcelain tile will be our backsplash. after wednesday's frustration (and let me add that my frustration was fueled by a not-so-customer-oriented tile rep at our granite shop who really made me feel like our small residential project was beneath her) steve and i headed out to another tile shop. we sorted thru display after display of tile and settled upon this charcoal grey porcelain lined tile. it meets our original goals.... simple, modern, grey. and because the tiles are so large there will be few grout lines and tight grout lines. and best yet.... this tile and installation costs less than one quarter of the price of the subway tile and install we were considering.
image via here

thanks to those of you who came to my aid and gave opinions on the backsplash. millie, your suggestion left me with beautiful visions of a phillip jeffries grey grasscloth gracing the backsplash. but if i were to ever wallpaper in our house, it would have to be while steve is out of town. he would only then live with it because he wouldn't want to take it down.

we ordered this today. this will be the pendant light over the sink.

image via here

and a roman shade in this material for the sink window is also on order.
from here

and even though i'm excited about the granite and backsplash, i'm most excited about the new sink area. farmhouse sink, gooseneck faucet, pendant light and roman shade. ahhhh. wonder if i'll cook more.


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, Pam, I think the tile decision sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see more as the renovation comes together! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

jacjewelry said...

The tile looks fabulous, and I love that light!

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