Monday, February 8, 2010

getting organized

lauren at pure style home is my new hero. at the start of the year, she announced that she was doing an organizational project almost weekly for the entire year. she invited all of us to come along. i did. so far i've organized my touch up paints (her first project). now little glass mason jars of paint are hiding under each sink with brushes for when i need a quick touch up. no more heading to the garage and sorting thru 47 cans of paint. yippee.

she then invited us to organize our coat closets. having organized our coat closet last winter, i merely swapped out my plastic hangers for wooden hangers (her suggestion) to complete that project. huge difference. everything hangs so much nicer on wooden hangers.

then we moved on to minor projects, like fixing things that needed fixing. i bought a new harp for steve's bedside lamp. the cat had knocked it over and broke it. i'm ashamed to say that it sat that way for months without a lampshade. no more.

always being a teacher's pet, i moved ahead of the group. 2 weeks ago i organized my junk drawer. here's my before. i cringed every time i opened it.
these glasses were in the drawer. they're still in the drawer. they just have their own place now. we like to keep these handy for when we're in need of a serious laugh.
i took everything out and organized it. lots of stuff made its way to other places.
see that superball?? it stayed. it's good for this.
i had bought these earlier that week at the container store.and.... the new junk drawer. isn't she pretty. this entire project took me all of one hour!
i sometimes open it.... just to stare. i know, i'm a geek.

lauren organized her drawer this past week. check it out. it's gorgeous. i love her drawer liner. thanks lauren for helping us all get organized! love the series. pam


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

wow! thanks for sharing this! i am in the process of doing a total overhaul organization mission in my home as well!!

i will go check this out!
good luck to you!

Lauren said...

oh my gosh it looks so ogranized!!! love those clear containers & especially the glasses haha!! (I also have that medalliaons fabric sample floating around somewhere :)

thanks for joining in!!

M Denise C said...

Those glasses made me laugh out loud!!

Anonymous said... sharpies!! :) :)

Love, love, love the organization inspiration. I just did that with our paper filing after I did the taxes. Feels so good!

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