Monday, February 1, 2010

new week, new month

i'm glad it's a new month. glad january is over. it was grey and rainy and cold. i entered january exhausted and disorganized from my busy, busy holiday season at the shop. i felt sluggish from my poor diet and no exercise. february looks to be more promising. i'm rested, more organized, cooking more and eating better, and i returned to the gym. i like february. there's the superbowl, which means a gathering of friends... this time at the neighbor's. i could care less about the game (still not sure who's even playing) but enjoy the time spent catching up with friends. and there's our wedding anniversary. still not sure what we're doing for the day, but it'll be fun.

notice i didn't mention valentine's day. i'm kinda anti-valentine's day. anti may be too strong a word. i just think you should show a little bit of love and appreciation for one another every day, not just on one special day. like these two.

my mother-in-law sent me these photos. this cat living in harrisburg, oregon, has a special friend that visits every morning. very sweet.


Julie said...

excellent post. couldn't agree more... on everything! Love the pix. thanks!

Alison Kelley said...

Ditto, you said it Pam and you said it right!

I don't mind Valentines Day but I completely agree with you that each day should be cherished that you spend with your loved one. I'm thankful for everyday, every moment I have with my husband.

Oh, ya, January was not a great way to start the year, keeping my fingers crossed that February and on will be much better.

Great post, Happy Monday!

jacjewelry said...

OMG! Look at the deer and the kitty! Too cute.

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