Thursday, February 4, 2010

found photos and a lot of rambling

i found these photos the other night. forgot i had them. they make me laugh, so i thought i'd share. this is the prairie dog puppy we adopted 2 years ago. pixel. but you all know pixel... i've shown enough photos of her on here.

here she is again in her favorite position. if we say "flat" she will go to this position. it's quite funny.and with her halloween costume. yes, mommy and daddy went all out for that elaborate costume. she looks like she's in a bank robbery. speaking of .... did i ever tell you about the time i was in a bank filling out paperwork and it was robbed. i hadn't a clue. and i consider myself a perceptive person. my back was to the tellers the whole time and he was quick and quiet. thank goodness. because i'd make a horrible hostage. "i'm thirsty." "i have to pee." kinda of like that episode of murphy brown when she was kidnapped and they eventually let her free because she annoyed them to death.
but i digress. back to photos. here's pixel and her first dog bed. and while we're at this photo, let's look at that fireplace. i hate it. what can i do to change it? anyone, anyone? i was thinking of replacing that boring tile with slate. i think we're removing the carpet from this room and laying hardwood, so this would be a good time to replace the tile surround. and does anyone know if the horizontal grates above and below the glass can be replaced? again, i hate it. help.


M Denise C said...

Love the Pixel pictures!! I have no design ideas but I love how everything in your home and Pixel match!!

jacjewelry said...

Aww what a little cutie she is!!!

Alison Kelley said...

How adorable! I love that"flat pose" my old cat "Jazz man" used to do that pose all the time too. Too cute Pixel is!

I think the grates are meant for ventilation, not sure if they can be changed, sorry.

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