Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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i could just scream. like her. steve and i are giving the kitchen a much needed facelift. our plans were going smoothly. granite, check. faucet, check. sink, check, check, and check. cause it's a beauty. actually sink and faucet will have an appearance similar to below.

then we get to the backsplash. my dream is glass subway tile. laid like this. not blue, but you get the idea.
i could live in this kitchen. i don't mean just cook in this kitchen, i mean LIVE in this kitchen. just because of the subway tile.

our dilemma. our new, yet-to-be installed granite is busy. geriba beach, it's called. here's a poor example i found online but you get the idea. we will not be doing the 4 inch rise along the back.
it's has oranges and greys and taupe and lots of movement. we love it and want it to be the focal point. well, actually, it will automatically be the focal point because of its pattern. my original thought.... keep the backsplash simple. our backsplash space is 17 inches between countertop and cabinets and behind the stove. our layout around the stove is similar to this below, via here. our cabinets are maple.
this is the glass tile we're considering. it's available in several styles, one being a 3x6 subway and one being this 6x24 mosaic. it's a charcoal grey color. (my cabinets are maple, therefore a cool color is needed). and this is perfect in that it coordinates with the granite and the stainless steel appliances.

here's my question to you.... would a grey subway tile with white grout be too busy with the already busy granite? should we do 3x6 subway with grey grout? or should we do a simple 6 inch high border using the above mosaic piece and then paint the remaining 11 inches (a coordinating grey) to the underside of the cabinets? and of course, behind the stove will be either subway or mosaic.

please help.


jwilt said...

I think the 3x6 w/ grey grout would be beautiful. You get a subtle subway look, which I think would make it easier to focus on the granite... otherwise they might compete too much.

Millie said...

You probably don't want to hear this Pam 'cos I know you've set your heart on tiles, but have you thought about a glass splashback? I experienced this material in a townhouse we leased for the year we were looking for our current house & it was awesome. You can actually paint or paper the wall first & then place the toughened glass over it. I've seen a pale grey damask paper behind the glass & it looked amazing. I will never have tiles again, the glass was so easy to maintain & with no grout to try & keep fresh & clean it's a whizz. Anyways, just a thought, good luck with what ever you decide!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the 3x6 subway.....maybe go with a mid-tone grout - not too white, not too a puddy still get the definition but not 'in your face'

Mary said...

I think you should go with the greyish grout and just do the areas with tiles that really need it - backsplash, etc. And then paint the rest as you suggested in a coordinating grey. This makes the area look more casual and a less "matchy-matchy" look - like it evolved over time.

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