Tuesday, February 2, 2010

our test

every marriage has its tests and trials and tribulations. from the very minor "if only he'd pick up his socks" or "if only she'd squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom" to the very major like, um, well... i think we all have an idea of what some of the majors can be. let's not depress ourselves by talking about them. let's move on. i was reading this

and saw this. yum. beans and cornbread. (and look at the jadeite bowl!) i started to crave beans. yes, beans. a huge pot of pinto beans like my mother cooks. perfect for a rainy seattle saturday. i had never made a pot of beans for steve. i cooked the beans saturday afternoon. i baked the cornbread. we ate the beans and cornbread saturday night while we watched the australian open women's final.

sunday arrives. sunday was a long day. because of this.

this became our test. some people can handle bowlfuls of beans. steve some can't. it tested my limits as a wife. i'll never cook beans for my intestinally-challenged husband steve again. enough said.


jacjewelry said...

Haha... poor Steve! How is the book? I've been thinking of getting it!

Julie said...

rofl! you shoulda called me first. I coulda saved you from a day of delight!

Millie said...

Yep, same problem here with MOTH too Pam. To be none too discreet, the kids renamed Baked Beans 'Fart Beans' years ago after experiencing a day in the car with MOTH after he'd 'overdosed' on them for breakfast. Thanks for the memories!!
Millie ^_^

Devon said...

Pam, that made me laugh out loud!!

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