Monday, July 13, 2009


i've decided to start a file here on the blog to catalog photos of what i'd like in my dream house. let's start with the kitchen. i'm determined to have a white kitchen someday. this will take a lot of convincing for my husband. he prefers the natural wood look. my only defense is that our last 2 houses had wood (unpainted) cabinetry, it's time for white. good defense, huh?

we can also check off black slab countertops , butcherblock island, subway tile, farmhouse sink, window above sink, glassfront cabinets, cool dual pendant (i'm sure there's some designers out there who are screaming silently at my design terms). i'll take it all. i even love the wall color and the cute clock. maybe i could just move into this house.

and it's even got a cool front porch. that's on my list too.

via country living via a life's design

love the daybed, no railings, painted ceiling. i'm telling ya... i should just live here.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Those yellow chairs are amazing. Wonder where they are from.

Naturally Im with you on the white. Tell husband its good for resale :)

jacjewelry said...

I love white... any room in white would be gorgeous!

count it all joy said...

What a beautiful kitchen - loving those lights above the bench. Meredith xo.

Millie said...

Quietly, quietly catch the monkey Pam! Just keep adding to that file girl, it's great to have something definitive to bring to the negotiation table! I've nominated you to play along with the My Heart tag over @ The Hedge. Hope you can participate.
Millie ^_^

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