Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garden Stools

when we bought our adirondacks for the patio last year we didn't purchase the footrest.

from here

sometimes i need a footrest. i found this today on martha's site.

you buy a cheap campstool and customize it with your own fabric.

images from here

i think i can do this. i've got some burlap coffee sacks in the garage just looking for a place to land.

image via here

maybe on the stools? i wouldn't have to be concerned about the fabric weathering on the back deck. they'd also make great extra seating for when we entertain a larger group. i think i'll add this project to my to-do binder. yes, binder. started as a to-do list and grew and grew. it's now a binder.

look what designsmayamade has done with her coffee sacks.

pin cushions
image here

burlap bucketsimage via here

she even offers the sewing pattern for her burlap bucket here in her shop. check it out.

found here

i think this is going in the binder.

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