Thursday, July 30, 2009

a must see

we didn't get to run away. we woke up to a very sick puppy and temperatures already 85 in the house at 7am. if you didn't hear, seattle's having a heat wave. and most of us don't have a/c. after a visit to the vet, we rented this.

image from here

we hunkered down in the family room with blinds closed, drapes drawn, fans a-going. oh, and a portable air conditioner that couldn't keep up.

the movie was awesome. a definite must see. it's rare that steve and i actually enjoy the same movies. in fact, we've yet to see a movie in a theater together. i do recommend watching it though without the whir of 6 fans and an a/c unit. you might catch more dialogue than i did.


Julie said...

Is pixel ok? I'm sorry that you didn't get to run away. It sounded like fun.

Courtney said...

Oh, is your pup ok? And having no a/c during such a heat wave has got to be brutal! I hope that the heat subsides soon for you!! And thanks for the movie rec-- I haven't seen it, but I bet it would be one my husband and I would both enjoy too. Also, I am still thinking on my tag-- it is such a sweet one, and I am trying to find the best picture to play along!

Millie said...

Son # 4 just rented this & said it was awesome. Hope puppy is on the mend & you are all managing to stay quiet & cool Pam.
Millie ^_^

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