Monday, July 27, 2009

I could seriously...

be lounging, no sleeping, in this space right now.

from here

i'm tired. and we're having a heat wave. and we don't have air conditioning.

the weekend was extremely busy. i spent friday replenishing my stationery between farmers markets. friday night we had company for dinner. we had burgers, zucchini hash, corn on the cob, and these guys.

image from here

yum. this is our go-to dessert for the summer. my husband loves building a fire on a cool summer night.

i was up bright and early saturday morning to head to the farmers market to sell. long day capped off with a gym workout, sushi, and pixel's play date with the neighbor's puppy.


i spent sunday preparing for more guests. we had these two showing up from driving cross-country!

jared and sarah and steve and pam

they visited a month ago on a job-hunting trip and were successful. now they're here permanently. they're our guests until they find an place to stay. they drove all the way from atlanta. hmmm... maybe they brought the heat. and they got to meet our friends who live in the same area as where they wanna live. so now they have a connection in hopefully their new neighborhood.

steve made homemade pesto for pasta.

image and recipe from here

we had grilled salmon, salad, and this for dessert.

rustic fruit tart from here

and now i'm ready for that daybed above. for a long, long nap.

but i'll wake up in time for this.

image from here

does she pick ed or kiptyn? my guess, neither.

1 comment:

Millie said...

Oh gosh Pam, I'm exhausted just reading this - you are a star! Tell your boy that pesto he made is very impressive, don't let him go anywhere!
Millie ^_^

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