Thursday, July 9, 2009


Earlier this week, an etsy shop owner emailed me that she put me in her treasury. I opened the treasury to find that I was in very good company with beautiful works of art. This is where I discovered Jodie Hurt. Scanning her shop, I spotted this. The orange got me first. Then the geometry functions. Then the butterfly. 3 of my favorites all in one piece.

the trigonometric functions

Yes, I admit it, geometry is a favorite. My high school tennis coach was my geometry teacher. If I didn't know the correct answer, I had to run extra laps at tennis practice after school. I hate to run. I became good at geometry. Even loved it. Because there was always an answer. Nothing wishy-washy. No maybes. Just a definite answer.

Jodie Hurt's etsy shop is full of these mixed media pieces.

Some are ACEO mixed media art pieces measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches. According to their etsy descriptions, they feature a reproduction of a vintage illustration and a page from a vintage textbook. The textbook pages have been altered with stencils and stamps using a variety of vivid acrylic colors. The edges have been rubbed with water-soluble pastels and accented with black permanent ink.

Here Jodie took an inventory tag and transformed it using a paint chip, graph and origami paper, bits from a vintage bingo card, and a reproduction of a 19th century wood engraving of an owl.

According to Jodie, this cradled wood "panel features pages from a vintage music textbook, which have been lovingly altered using loose brushwork in orange, yellow, and blue-green hues. The narwhal, a reproduction of a 19th century wood engraving, swims through this abstract world, and acts as the focal point for the piece. Bits of vintage ephemera, aluminum tape, and origami paper add color and pattern, and balance out the incredible detailing found in the engraving reproduction."

at sea

Like I said, I'm enraptured. I love the colors, the layers, the subjects.


jacjewelry said...

Wow, she does beautiful work! Oh I love the first one - it's so you! It's got math, orange and butterfly in it - perfect for you!

Jodie Hurt said...

Hello! Just stumbled across this wonderful blog entry about my work. It's a lovely article...thanks for writing about me!

Best wishes,

Jodie Hurt

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