Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Heart

last week I was catching up with millie over at the laurel hedge. if you haven't paid her a visit, please do. i guarantee you'll be laughing hysterically within minutes. she and her moth do have some wonderful adventures. millie was tagged to post a photo of her heart. she did a wonderful post about a turning point in her life when she was cast as alice in wonderland in the school play. i read the post with such interest, scrolling down, scrolling down, until i read the last line. i panicked. i was tagged. millie tagged me to post a photo of my heart.

how could i ever post one photo to represent my heart? it's taken me a week to find the photo. here it is.

found here, via here

i chose this photo because it evokes happiness to me. pure happiness. and that's what my heart is... purely happy. happy because i have these two in my nest.

happy because i have my health, a wonderful family, great friends, a business i really enjoy. so happy i could twirl. although i don't twirl. twirling is up there with dancing. and i don't, rather can't, dance. tried, doesn't work out. as my husband says, i'm elaine on seinfeld. but i'm still happy. purely happy.

and i tag the following to play along. i'd love to see a photo that best represents your heart.

janna @ jacjewelry

alison @ alisonkelleydesigns

courtney @ underapapermoon

sarah @ serendipity


Alison Kelley said...

I love your photos that represent such happiness. I will play along... it may take me a few days to find just the right photo though, I'll keep you posted Pam! Thanks :)

jacjewelry said...

Oh that photo you picked is just perfect! So light, so airy, so... happy! Love it, Pam. Love the photo of Steve and Pixel - and love the fact that his beard matches Pixel's fur! I now see why you love orange. :)

Thanks for tagging me! Already thinking about it... and I am almost certain it will involve a furry little animal who's stolen our hearts away a mere three weeks ago.

Millie said...

Fabulous heart-warming post Pam! And don't you listen to your husband's 'unkind' comments - you keep on dancing as much as you want girl! And thank you for your lovely comments, that certain Guest Blogger is champing at the bit for a return appearance!
Millie ^_^

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